Friday, May 20, 2011

What Can You Make With Your Introductory Knapping Kit?

One Dozen Chips Of Stone?

One Dozen* Finished Stone Arrowheads.

For those curious souls who have always wondered how ancient peoples made their stone tools and weapons.  Now you can learn how to make these unique and challenging items using the same kinds of stone and techniques.  And you can learn the 6 basic steps in an hour or two.

Everything you need is included in the "Beginner's Flint Knapping Kit" from and from :
  • Complete, photo-illustrated instructions in the brochure "How To Make Your Own ARROWHEAD";
  • 18 flint and obsidian chips or pieces the right size for making arrowheads;
  • Copper-tipped and deer antler tine pressure flaking tools;
  • Cowhide leather hand pad for protection and support while you are working on the stone pieces.
  • All of these, plus a special bonus for our new arrowhead makers -- a modern-made arrowhead to show you what can be made with the materials in the kit -- is included free of charge.
You can order the "Beginner's Flint Knapping Kit" to start making your own stone arrowheads by clicking on the Order Button at the linked web page, for just $49.95, plus $7.20 Priority Mail shipping and handling.

*Eighteen pieces of stone are included in the "Beginner's Flint Knapping Kit"; however, there are no guarantees that you will not break any of your new points during the knapping process.  In fact, it is quite likely, as shown in the photos, with 12 attempted arrowheads made from 12 chips of stone, as in your "Beginner's Flint Knapping Kit".  You will note that a few (2) are broken!  That is all part of the learning process.  And part of what makes successful efforts so rewarding.  (The kit now comes with 18 pieces of obsidian and flint for making arrowheads.)

Click this following link to to go the order page where you can order your "Beginner's Flint Knapping Kit":

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