Monday, September 21, 2009

How To Make Your Own Arrowheads ~ Working With Blade Cores ~

I am pleased to make available to you a new brochure about making arrowheads: "How To Make Your Own Arrowheads ~ Working With Blade Cores ~ "

This was produced in response to a request from a primitive archery club in New Zealand.

They asked me to put together a display about the whole process of knapping arrowheads from stone. So, in creating the materials for them, using a "core" technology to make the points, I also shot a number of photographs of each step. All of this information was then used to put together the new brochure, which they could use in their display and for instructional purposes, as well.

Here is a link to download the pdf brochure for your use:

The publication is in an 11" x 17" format, with 10 different page layouts. You are welcome to use it as a reference and instruction aid for your personal knapping efforts.

If you want to order a hard copy of this new brochure, for $7.95 plus $1.25 first class postage, simply send me an email and I will return a Paypal request for payment to you and then prepare your copy for mailing. The email address is:

Thanks for your participation in flint knapping and arrowhead making activities.

F. Scott Crawford
Carrollton, Texas


You are invited to visit my web site for more background information and photographs related to the making of arrowheads:

For fully photo-illustrated process information related to the making of an obsidian Gunther style arrowhead, plus photographs of a number of ancient and authentic Gunther type arrowheads, you are invited to visit my other web site: