Saturday, October 10, 2009

Now Available: an iGoogle Gadget showing Clovis Point percussion knapping

One of the fascinating projects to which flint knappers of all skills pay attention is to the making of Clovis Points.

I have heard from several new knappers who are eager to try their hand at this particular ancient style of making a spear head.

For those of you who have an interest along this specific line, a few summers back I made a series of photographs of a highly skilled percussion knapper as he worked on a large obsidian Clovis spear point. This took place at a Knapping Workshop at Glass Buttes in eastern Oregon.

These photos have been linked together for your viewing in an internet device called a "gadget" which can be placed on your home page.

This is a link to this new Google Gadget which you can load on your Google home page if you are interested in making Clovis Points or other flint knapping projects: Mikey Makes A Clovis Point

See Mike Make A Clovis Point


Here is what iGoogle says about this gadget and how to use it:

Your friend has created something special for you to see every day on Google. The gadget will be available on your own iGoogle page. To go with this new gadget, you can also personalize your iGoogle page with the stuff you like. Your friend's gadget will change from one day to the next, so visit iGoogle daily to see what's new!

You can get back to your iGoogle page by visiting Google and clicking the iGoogle link in the upper right hand corner.

Want to share a message or photos with a friend every day? Then sign in to iGoogle and create a gadget of your own to send to friends.


Thanks for participating in flint knapping and arrowhead making projects with us. Once in a while, I will be creating additional "gadgets" such as this one, with a new series of related photographs which will be of interest to flint knapping enthusiasts. For instance, I have already created the next gadget about Clovis Points to show the completion of the sequence started in this first gadget: Mikey Makes A Clovis Point. It will be available in a week or so.

F. Scott Crawford


You are invited to visit my web site for more background information and photographs related to the making of arrowheads:

For fully photo-illustrated process information related to the making of an obsidian Gunther style arrowhead, plus photographs of a number of ancient and authentic Gunther type arrowheads, you are invited to visit my other web site: